Kapil Raj: Author and activist redefining societal narratives

Kapil Raj
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Author and Writer : Kapil Raj
Author and Writer : Kapil Raj

Kapil Raj, a distinguished Indian author, speaker, and writer-activist hailing from Delhi-NCR, India, possesses the keen intellect of a philosopher and the pragmatic mindset of a realist. With an unwavering commitment to challenging societal norms, he expertly crafts stories that delve into intricate social issues and defy conventional thinking.

Following the success of his debut novel “ENDURER: A Rape Story,” he launched the Change Stories Series. The recent release of the first book “Kuroopa” stirred excitement, paving the way for his latest works, “A Gutterful Life” and “A Mother By the Window” in the series.

1) How long have you been writing or when did you start?
I’ve had a deep connection with art, encompassing everything from dramas and acting competitions to poetry, prose, and short stories — all of which I’ve been passionately scribbling since my high school days.

2) At what point did you decide to be an author, and what was your path to publication?
For a while, I searched for the perfect topic to write about, but it wasn’t until the 2012 Nirbhaya incident that my passion was truly ignited. Inspired by the bravery of sexual assault survivors, I embarked on a journey to research their stories. This led to the creation of “ENDURER: A Rape Story,” a fiction novel highlighting societal shortcomings in supporting victims. Despite initial rejections, the book eventually found a publisher and garnered success.

3) What inspires you the idea for your books?
As a writer-activist, I aim to use storytelling as a tool for societal change. Each of my stories acts as a reflection of reality, urging readers to confront pressing issues and spark internal transformation. I draw inspiration from existing taboos, social issues, and aspects of society in need of reform, shaping my narratives to provoke thought and incite positive change.

4) Do you identify with your main character, or did you create a character that is your opposite?
I write characters who are shaped by the societal situations or challenges they face. Thus far, I haven’t introduced a character based on myself in any of my books.

5) Is there anything you would like people to take away from your books?
All of my books are written with a purpose. For instance, “Kuroopa” sheds light on the injustices stemming from societal standards of physical beauty, “ENDURER” tackles the issue of sexual assault, “A Gutterful Life” explores the strain on friendship caused by religious differences, and “A Mother By The Window” delves into the pressures faced by women post-marriage. While there are numerous takeaways, I leave it to the readers to interpret and effect change on a personal level through the impact of reading these books.

6) What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
When I’m not writing, I’m traveling extensively. It’s a source of inspiration, allowing me to immerse myself in different cultures, experiences, and people’s stories, which often find their way into my writing.

7) If you could spend a day with another popular author, whom would you choose?
If I could choose, I would want to spend a day with Ayn Rand. Her book “The Fountainhead” and her unique philosophy on the ‘virtue of selfishness’ have had a significant impact on my life.

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