Dear Heart, I Apologize to You

Kapil Raj
4 min readOct 22, 2023

A Letter to my Heart

Dear Heart,

I want to start by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the times I’ve let you down, for the moments I neglected you, and for the times I chose convenience over passion. You have been my unwavering companion, my emotional compass, and the source of my deepest desires. Yet, I’ve failed you in so many ways. This letter is a heartfelt apology for the times I didn’t listen to you, for the times I put life on hold, for the moments I chose comfort over adventure, for the lies I told myself, and for the times I’ve been too hard on myself.

I Apologize — I Have Stopped Listening to You Long Ago

I remember a time when I used to listen to your whispers, when I followed your guidance without hesitation. You were my true north, my inner voice that led me towards my passions and dreams. But somewhere along the way, I stopped listening to you. The noise of the world became too loud, the demands of life too overwhelming. I apologize for those moments when I silenced your wisdom.

I ignored your calls to follow my dreams, to take that leap of faith, and to embrace the unknown. I’m sorry for doubting you when you told me what truly mattered. Your guidance was never wrong, and I’m committed to listening to you more closely from now on. You deserve to be heard, and I promise to do a better job of it.

I Apologize for Pausing People to Let in the Life

Life has a funny way of distracting us with its busyness, with the promise of success and achievement. In pursuit of these goals, I often paused my passions and put my dreams on hold. I’m sorry for the times I made people wait, including you, my dear heart, to let life catch up. I realize now that life and dreams should go hand in hand, not in competition.

Your desires, our dreams, they’re all part of this journey. There’s no need to pause people for the sake of life, for life is enriched by following our passions. I’m committed to embracing both life and my aspirations, finding a harmonious balance where people, dreams, and experiences coexist.

I Apologize That I Prefer Comfort Over Experience

Comfort can be a tempting and cozy place to dwell. It offers safety and predictability, but it can also be a cage that keeps us from the fullness of life. I’m sorry for the times I chose comfort over experience. I stayed within my comfort zone when I should have ventured beyond it.

Your yearning for adventure, for challenges, for experiences that ignite our souls was often overshadowed by my desire for routine and stability. I understand now that life should be a thrilling journey, not just a comfortable existence. I promise to seek experiences that push my boundaries and help us grow.

I Apologize — I Lie to You

Perhaps one of the gravest sins I’ve committed against you is lying. I’ve created narratives that justified my actions even when they went against my true desires. I apologize for those excuses, for those false justifications. You, dear heart, deserved better than those fabricated stories.

To honor you, I must be honest with myself. I must acknowledge our true desires, no matter how challenging or unconventional they may seem. We both deserve authenticity and transparency. I promise to be truthful with myself, to let our hearts lead us, and to be guided by our deepest passions.

And Lastly, I Apologize for Being So Hard on Myself

I have been unforgiving and relentless in my self-criticism. I’ve set impossible standards for myself and felt guilty when I fell short. I’m truly sorry for the times I’ve placed such a heavy burden on us. You deserve compassion, love, and the freedom to make mistakes.

In truth, it’s through our imperfections that we learn and grow. I promise to be more compassionate to myself, to embrace self-love, and to allow us the space to learn and evolve without the weight of perfectionism.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

This letter is a humble apology for all the times I’ve failed you. You’ve been a source of guidance, wisdom, and passion, and I haven’t always treated you with the respect and care you deserve. I commit to listening to you, to embracing both life and dreams, to seeking experience over comfort, to being honest with myself, and to being kinder to us.

Together, we can rediscover the richness of life, follow our dreams, and cherish the beauty of this journey. You, dear heart, are a precious part of who I am, and I promise to honor you as you rightfully deserve.

With love and sincerity,

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